In-Kind Donations

From time to time we will, as part of our fundraising efforts, hold raffles or silent auctions, or host games that feature prizes for winning answers or efforts…

In addition to this, we frequently require/desire resources for the school that are beyond our budget, such as furniture or equipment…

Any awesome things that may be under-appreciated in your home are often welcome.

Service offers (massage, editing, hair-cutting, handyman, sewing services and the like) are welcome raffle prize donations and can help to grow a thriving network.

New product donations can really spice up a raffle, silent auction and sometimes our own school environment – maybe you have overstock or a new product or maybe you’re just willing and able to help us out!

In some cases, charitable donation receipts can be issued for in-kind donations. In all cases we are incredibly grateful for your offerings and quite happy to let all our friends know!

ALPHA Parent Group is a Registered Canadian Charity.

Virtual Open House February 9, 6pm

Meet with staff, parents and kids for a friendly introduction to all things ALPHA. Explore “a day at ALPHA”, learn about the Parent Group and the various Committees that help

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ALPHA’s turning 50!!!

We Want to Know What You Want! We continue to envision year-long celebratory programming culminating in a grand and joyful event in the Spring of 2023, with both in-person and

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What Does “Alternative” Even Mean?!

Last month on RewirED, we asked the question “What the heck does “ALTERNATIVE” education even mean?” What makes it different than a quote unquote “traditional” style of schooling? Listen in

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ALPHA is: Addressing Anti-Asian Racism

Our very own Emily Chan was involved in this thoroughly insightful and educational document! Thank you, Emily, for your consistent persistence in promoting social responsibility and social justice! ADDRESSING ANTI-ASIAN

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