ALPHA Junior Public School


Aaron: Vice Principal

“This is not a perfect place. This is a practice place.”

    Andrea: Resource Teacher

    I am very honoured to be a part of the learning community at Alpha.  I love to learn through inquiry and discussion and I am always inspired by the insights of students of all ages.  The words of Maya Angelou describe my teaching philosophy, “All great achievements require time.”

      Claire: Teacher

        Diane: Teacher

        ALPHA is such a rewarding place to be a teacher! We have strong traditions, valued history and a collaborative staff team second to none. It is a close-knit community where parents can be closely involved, and where I can really bond with my students. It’s all about relationships at ALPHA.

          Emily: Teacher

          I love ALPHA because it’s a school with heart – where we grow ideas, make mistakes, be happy, know ourselves deeply, and share leadership and responsibility together. The late great musician and activist, Nina Simone, said it best: “I tell you what freedom is: no fear.”

            jennielea!: Lunchroom / Volunteer Coordinator

            For me, The ALPHA Experience is the ultimate “Toronto” experience and I wish I could give a little bit of that out to everyone everywhere.

              Jon: Teacher

                Kiera: Principal

                  Sandra: Office Manager

                  The students at ALPHA are some of the most creative and interesting kids I’ve ever met. It’s a joy to come to work and spend my day surrounded by them.

                    Seema: ECE

                    “The expert in anything was once a beginner” ~ Helen Hayes

                      Zio: Teacher

                      Both my children are ALPHA graduates but I still have much to learn. I am grateful the kids here feel so wonderfully free sharing their thoughts, understandings and opinions with me.