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ALPHA’s Envelope Campaign!

Posted by Emily on November 14, 2017

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Dear families and friends of ALPHA students, past & present,

Thank you for being part of our extended Alpha community! We are immensely grateful to be part of a school that since 1972, has been encouraging Toronto kids to develop autonomy, creativity, healthy conflict resolution skills and social responsibility through democratic education. ALPHA kids never cease to amaze us in their ability to freely express their passions and interests.

From now until the end of November, is the ALPHA Envelope Campaign, our biggest annual fundraiser! We’re asking for your financial support and for your help spreading the word. Talk to your families and friends, whomever you can, about supporting ALPHA!

ALPHA Parent Fund is a great cause! Contributions will fund:
• Classroom and community support from our amazing Volunteer Coordinator;
• Visits by classroom guests like the celebrated poet Duke Redbird or the Jumblies Theatre troupe;
• School trips to locations like the Ontario Science Centre or Itah Sadu’s “A Different Booklist”;
• And more!

For lots more info, check out this FAQ.

If you are able, click to donate online now! We’re all too busy to remember to do it later.

The reality is, not all of us can afford to donate, or have the wealth-connections to fundraise a donation from our extended families/communities. For those of us that can, how about donating $500 for the year? Broken down over the 10-month school year, this works out to about $1.67 a day; you could think of it as donating one coffee or tea every day to ALPHA!

Any amount is very much appreciated; from $5 to $5000, every one helps us reach our goal.

Thank you for all that you do for ALPHA!
Tania (Oscar Bean), Reno (Milosh), Rachel (Griffin) & Margot (Zion & Mia),
Envelope Campaign parent volunteers

All contributions are voluntary and confidential. ALPHA’s “Parent Fund” is registered charity, created in 1976 by parents to support the school. It meets Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requirements. The Parent Fund is managed by our Finance committee volunteer parents, Urszula (Tyrus & Iza), Babette (Kahero) & Rachel (Aiden & Ruby). As a school community, we set the budget together by consensus at our monthly Parent meeting. The 2017-18 draft budget, to be finalized at November Parent meeting, is $17,500. You will receive a tax receipt for any monetary donation.

P.S. Dear current ALPHA families,
Year after year, some families don’t respond to this fundraising campaign because they haven’t heard about it! We are working hard to reach everyone! Please respond and let us know we’ve reached you. Thanks thanks thanks!


Fill out the short form online, here:
OR fill out a paper copy (available in the front stairwell at school) and return to Uncle Fred, the locked box beside the mail tubes on the first floor, near the kitchen

***SAVE THE DATE! Come and celebrate the magic of Alpha with food, music, crafts and activities at our Winter Fair, Saturday Dec 9th, 11-4 at ALPHA, 20 Brant St.