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Panel – Free Schooling at the Elementary Level – Join our Webinar!

Posted by Emily on December 8, 2016


Best Practices at ALPHA and Beyond

Thursday, December 8th, 6-8pm at ALPHA
online broadcast starts 6:30pm EST at

Everyone in the ALPHA community (staff, families, administrators) are more than welcome to attend. Exciting guests will (virtually) be present and exciting soup will (non-virtually) be served to in-person guests.

Panelists include:

Chris Mercogliano, former teacher and director of the ALBANY FREE SCHOOL and author of Making It Up As We go Along well as many other books on education)

Meghan Carrico, former teacher and current director of WINDSOR HOUSE (a Canadian public free school in Vancouver)

David Gagnon, current teacher at WINDSOR HOUSE


Members of our own beloved ALPHA TEACHING COMMUNITY

Moderator: Deb O’Rourke, former ALPHA Volunteer Coordinator and author of SEEDS of Democracy in Canada and and Defending a Democratic Public Education Site
Please click the links above for more information; you can also watch a documentary about the Albany Free School here.

Sonya and Deb are gathering questions for the panelists. Make sure to add yours to the list! You can do so at this link. 

In addition, please note that there is now a display in the ALPHA Library with resources on the free schooling movement (including Chris’ books and DVD copies of the Albany Free School Documentary). Please take advantage of these as you are able! We are also working to arrange a screening of the Albany Free School documentary next week and after school; details on this to be posted ASAP.

We are looking forward to seeing some of you next week (be it in person or in cyberspace :))