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Posted by Rob on April 18, 2013

Elementary teacher ALPHA Alternative School

The ALPHA Alternative School teacher is a flexible, creative but strong teacher who will work in a democratic team environment to help elementary school students achieve literacy, numeracy, and–through emergent and interest-based, often arts-infused explorations–develop a strong awareness of the world and their place in it.

 Summary of Duties

  • Will work with Grade 3-6 students, in a small (80 students) elementary alternative school
  • Will work in partnership with two or more teachers, to develop and deliver programming for multi-age classes
  • Will engage in learning and developing democratic education approaches: with students, parents and fellow teachers
  • Will learn and contribute to ALPHA’s democratic community processes: student meetings, student-run disciplinary committee, and a staff-community council
  • Will both individually and collaboratively develop programming that responds to student interest while growing their knowledge of the world and beyond.
  • Will develop responsive strategies for helping individual students of various skill levels and learning styles to gain strength in literacy and numeracy
  • Will investigate and collaborate in arts-integrated literacy, math, science and social studies programming, using decentralized strategies like learning centres, projects, integrated theme-based approaches, as well as classic sequential skills-teaching
  • Will collaborate with fellow teachers and parents to create developmentally appropriate social justice programming, and infuse critical perspectives into the curriculum.
  • Treasures every child’s individuality, models respect and responsibility, and gives space to various experiences, identities, understandings and values.
  • Will be both cooperative and proactive, able to respond to children yet retain one’s natural authority as an adult and teacher
Qualifications and Skills Required
  • JK-Grade 6 qualification
  • Wants to be in a collaborative, democratic community school, interested in democratic and free-school history and or approaches
  • Sees children as pro-active, curious, exploratory learners rather than as empty vessels to receive information: practices democratic, progressive, emergent, and/or responsive pedagogies, and is willing to keep learning from children, peers and community.
  • Committed to cooperative, non-competitive, non-hierarchical approaches to learning.
  • Committed to restorative approaches to behavioural problems and conflict
  • Comfortable with diverse persons and families
  • Able to open conversations and non-judgmentally and collaboratively deal with homo/transphobia, racism, sexism, classism, gender stereotyping, colonialist bias as it is brought into school by young children and unaware adults.
  • Alternative school experience: in teaching, supply or internship
  • Experience in community facilitation, peacebuilding and conflict resolution, in school or other contexts
  • Aware of the difference between freedom and license
  • Skills and strategies to engage children with different learning styles
  • A background in critical pedagogy, particularly with respect to decolonizing and Indigenous perspectives
  • Experience and skills in integrating and infusing anti-racism, anti-oppression into schooling approach and curriculum.
  • Strong listening skills and patience, for working with peers and families
  • Arts/music/drama/story-telling/science/sports an asset
  • Experience in outdoor and nature education an asset
The interview criteria will include the following areas:
  • Experience, skills, knowledge, and commitment to community-based, democratic free-school approach
  • Specific Teaching skills/experience
  • Requisite additional skills/experience to thrive in the role of teacher in ALPHA’s democratic free-school community
  • Attributes to thrive in the role of teacher in ALPHA’s democratic freeschool community
  • Experienced commitment to anti-oppression, decolonization, equity and social justice