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Handmade goodies for sale at the Bazaar

Posted by Ryan on November 30, 2012

We have a sweet variety of kid-made, eco-friendly and handmade items for sale at the Bazaar tomorrow.

Here’s our growing list of goodies:

* ALPHA T-Shirts
* Felt Decorations (animals, fairies, monsters)
* Greeting Cards
* Flower Jewellery (pins, earrings, rings)
* Wildflower Seed Bombs
* Crochet Dishcloths
* Knitted Scarves
* Cloth Gift Bags
* Curry Lentil Soup-in-a-Jar with Beeswax Cloth (a re-useable alternative to plastic wrap)
* Buttons
* Bubble Blowers
* Bicycle Colouring Books
* and more!

Check out the details in our previous post about our annual Bazaar!